Reveal “rich – poor”  FUTURE through length and shape of thumb


 1. Which shape of the thumb refers to rich future?

– It is said that people with round and big thumbs are often intelligent, sensitive and have logical thinking. If they can control their temper well and are easily affected by  external factors, they will be more successful in their career. Accordingly, life will be richer and richer and more peaceful.

– Long and tapering thumbs are characteristics of people who likes to express themselves, sometimes they are a bit impulsive and over-tempered. Their mood are always changeable and quite difficult to pamper. The quality of life in this person is at the average level if they do not change their mind.

– People with tapering thumbs and chunky fingertips are bold, stubborn but sensitive and often dreaming about something away from reality. In life this person is more successful than failure, material life is just average.

  1. Supple or tough thumbs are good?

To measure the flexibility of your thumb, you should hold the other four fingers together, the thumb up to the maximum. One of the following will happen:

– People with thumbs close to the other four fingers are often meticulous and often pay attention to small detail. They are quite strict, selfish and their behavior is not really clear and public. They like to hide more things for themselves rather than share with others. They have the ability to accumulate big amount of money so there is no need to worry about material life.

– The longer distance between the thumb and four fingers is, the suppler it the thumb is. Its owner is a gentle, open-minded person and have ability to under high pressure and overcome difficult obstacles. They never surrender to adversity. So it’s easy to reap a lot of career success. However, if the fingers are too long and flexible, these are the less common, both cravings and fluctuations.

– People with the rough and hard thumb are almost stubborn and even conservative. However, their advantage that they are frank, sincere, not profitable, is very caring to help people around.

  1. What do the long, short thumbs refer about personality and destiny?

– The long thumbs over the second tip of the index finger show that this is a confident person, sometimes somewhat self-arrogant. Their character is cold, authoritarian, and can even become cruel when needed. They are also the type of person who may be tempted by others for their own desires. The material life of this person is rich but lacking in love.

Those who own the thumbs that are shorter than the index finger are gentle, kind, interested in helping people, having children. Their downside is quite trusting, easily exploited or cheated by others. Their temperament is also not stable, easy to change, do not know how far-sighted, sometimes only see the immediate benefit without considering long-term. Their life is also experiencing may obstacles and enjoys the fortune in the old days.

Two equal finger sections: You are a meticulous and careful person when planning your work. Before you make a decision, you often analyze each side of the problem clearly so that all choices of choices are good.

You are always calm to find the right direction in any case. However, in love, sometimes the excessive calm that the enemy does not feel your emotions, and this can make the relationship of two people become difficult to move forward.

Upper section is longer than lower section: If the top of the thumb is longer than the index finger, then you are a reliable, passionate and ambitious person. However, in love you are impatient and often impatient.

You love to act as a manager so sometimes your partner will feel stuffy and uncomfortable. For example, when the person does not reply to the message or does not call you, you will get angry and try to contact them to question the reason. Therefore, to avoid falling in love you must overcome this disadvantage.

The upper section is shorter: You are a reliable person, also have the ability to observe well. You spend a lot of time pondering before deciding what to choose, so sometimes you miss good opportunities in work and in life.

In love, you often do not boldly express your feelings. Even if you keep an eye on someone, and vibrate when thinking of them, but you do not express your true feelings to him or her, you just love in silence without dare to disclose. So you have to learn to liberate one’s emotions, more boldly in love.

Second section is chubby:

If your second thumb section is chubby, you are very suitable for physical work.

Second section is small:

You are a smart person, have a lot of creativity and good thinking. Understanding these advantages, you know how to show your talent and intelligence to others. Because of this point, in the work you are usually granted superior.

Thumb and forefinger cannot open more than 90%:

You are quite shy. You do not like change and want to have a stable life. A cozy and safe place where comfort is what you desire.

Thumb and forefinger open more than 90%:

You are quite confident and active in everything. You always know what you should do to be able to reach your goals so the chances of success come to you easily and quickly.