At home alone, 5 year old tore torn … 160 million


At home alone would not be happy and a five-year-old Chinese boy had entertained himself by tearing out 50,000 yuan worth of paper money.

He found hidden treasure at home in Qingdao City, Shandong Province last week, when his parents were away. When his father arrived, the fire officer witnessed the notes scattered all over the place.

Large amounts of money become pieces … Photo: Weibo

… the father of five-year-old boy only know hand in hand

According to the local news portal, their father Gao brought his money to a nearby bank for help. Unfortunately, the bank says it can not do anything, unless Mr. Gao fixes the torn amount of money, they change for new money.

This task is clearly not easy to handle because his son torn the money too small and Gao has been posted over the past two days without eating. “I did it very carefully for two days, but only a few sheets, some of which were only torn into pieces, but many of the papers were up to a dozen. Gao laments.

Mr. Gao is an entrepreneur and the money is money borrowed from the bank for business. He said he was just a boy, not a kid. “It’s a little too small anyway,” Gao said.