Highway speed limits can be cut from 70mph to 60mph to reduce emissions


wiltshire Police are to park mobile speed cameras on the bridges to catch speeding motorists. 

Highway speed limits can be cut from 70mph to 60mph and pollution taxes can be levied on diesel vehicles as planned by the Government to address air pollution.

Officials have raised concerns that vehicles emit more toxic emissions as vehicles are moving at higher speeds.

They have suggested that high emissions segments could benefit from a 10mph reduction.

Andrea Leadsom, the Environment Secretary

Measures highlighted in the Government’s air pollution strategy may include all cars that do not comply with the latest Euro 6 emissions standards.

However, ministers have made it clear that councils must consider all alternatives to pollution taxes before proposing a toll plan.

Officials say that charging would probably have the greatest impact on reducing emissions at a safe level.

It recommends that councils pursue “alternative” approaches such as improving traffic flow by eliminating impulses and improving the “orderliness” of traffic lights.

The government also announced a consultation on plans for a “scrappage diesel” program and grant retrofit to older vehicles to reduce emissions.

Ministers have identified 40 local governments where current levels of diesel emissions exceed European standards, but none of them will have to take further measures.

Conservatives say they object to Labor’s approach of “hitting the driver in the bag by imposing charging zones and increasing parking fees.”

Instead, they propose a range of measures including funding and regulatory changes to support the attraction of electric vehicles and hydrogen and increase the charging of electric cars.

Measures include addressing poorly controlled road and traffic lights, increased congestion and pollution, real emissions testing, and better customer consultation when buying cars.

Environment Minister Andrea Leadsom said: “Improving air quality is a top priority as we help businesses build a cleaner and stronger economy.

Our plan today outlines how we will do that – including making choices for diesel scrappage programs.

“But contrary to this common approach, Jeremy Corbyn’s only solution is to hit a friend in a higher tax pocket.”

The government has commissioned further research on reducing highway speed limits and asked Highways England to conduct more analysis on the proposal. This proposal has not been officially consulted.

                                                                                                         By: Anna Lee