Zelda: Wind Waker-Esque Rime Release Date Revealed


Rime, the puzzle-adventure game that has been compared to both The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Ico, will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 26. Releasing both physically and digitally, Rime will cost $30 / £30.

Those details change slightly for the Nintendo Switch version, whose boxed and virtual copies will set you back $40 / £40 when it launches “shortly afterward.”

The May date will mark the end of a long and troubled development for Rime, which was originally announced as a PS4 exclusive back in 2013. After another trailer at Gamescom 2014, the game went dark until March of last year. Developer Tequila Works then announced that it had reacquired the rights to Rime from Sony–which had been listed as the game’s publisher up until that point–after reassuring fans that Rime was still in development.

The title was then re-revealed in January 2017, having gone multiplatform with Grey Box and Six Foot brought on board as co-publishers. If you want to see what the game looks like now, check out this extended look at some gameplay.

The game could have actually ended up an Xbox exclusive at one point: the title was pitched to Microsoft prior to its arrangement with Sony, but the computing giant decided to pass on helping fund Rime’s development.

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