You’ll Rule Your Mornings Thanks To This A-List Trick


With This A-List Trick, You'll Rule Your MorningsImagine you have to impress a VIP. What outfit would you wear? I bet it wouldn’t be sweatpants and a coffee-stained T-shirt, right? But that’s how we dress all the time when we’re just hanging out by ourselves. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that when I don’t feel amazing, the work I produce isn’t top of the line, either.

As an entrepreneuress who spends considerable time solo in front of a laptop, how I present myself has been something I’ve thought about a lot lately. For me, how I feel and how I work are so connected that it’s not frivolous to spend time on self-care and personal style. In fact, it’s essential. Right now, I consider my personal hashtag to be #WomanFirstBossSecond—a reminder to always keep self-care front and center.

But there’s also #realtalk: Life sometimes gets in the way of having a perfectly coordinated look on lock. Sometimes I just have twenty minutes to work on edits, suck down a coffee, and choose an outfit for the day. How do I make it work? I edited my wardrobe and curated a signature style that made me feel fresh, edgy, and sophisticated.

 My capsule wardrobe.

And I’m not the only one who’s onto this trend. Many successful people have stuck to one variation of an outfit—look at Steve Jobs and his black turtlenecks, Mark Zuckerberg and his hoodies, Anna Wintour and her bob and sunglasses combo. I knew I personally didn’t want to stick with just one look (I’m way too much of a fashionista to part with all my faves!) but I did feel I could pare down my wardrobe to a few key pieces.

That’s how I landed on the “capsule wardrobe” concept.  Initially invented by Caroline Rector ofUnfancy, a capsule wardrobe is all about trimming down your closet. Rector recommends 37 pieces total, including tried and true favorites and new high-quality pieces each season to keep things fresh.

While I didn’t follow Caroline’s rules to a T, I did make a solid edit that has made a massive difference in my life and my business. Every single thing I own now looks and feels amazing. I feel confident, empowered, and can channel the energy I used to need for choosing an outfit into my work.

Fave staples from my recent closet edit. 

This week, I challenge you to take a look at your closet and make your own Success Wardrobe. You can even get a bottle of champagne and invite your girlfriends over and turn it into a productive party! Who doesn’t want to get organized, chic, and have a little fun in the process?

Cheers to your new look!

With Love and Stardust,

Top image: “Hyperballad” by Ruben Ireland.

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