Yakuza 6: Check Out 11 Minutes of Gameplay


Yakuza fans might still be waiting to hear if Yakuza 6 is going to be making its way to North America, but they won’t have to wait as long to see gameplay for the PlayStation 4-exclusive.

Series director Toshihiro Nagoshi showed off 11 minutes of the Japanese crime game on a livestream (via Gematsu). Unfortunately, the quality of the archived video isn’t quite as good as some might have hoped. If you’re just happy to see how the next Yakuza game is coming along, then you’ll be pleased to discover there’s plenty of extreme close-ups of guys getting punched in the face.

The video also shows off more enemies in combat than the series has ever seen before. It doesn’t quite get to Dynasty Warriors-levels of combatants, but it is a noticeable increase. Thankfully, series protagonist Kazuma will have a little help from his friends.

If you purchased Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first Yakuza game, then you’ll be getting access to a demo of Yakuza 6 on January 28. However, the two games are still only set for Japan releases. We will keep you updated on any news of either game coming to the West right here on GameSpot.

Yakuza 5 came to North America three years after its Japan release. We scored it an 8 in our review, which said even if the melee combat lacks the sophistication of modern action games, Yakuza 5 makes up for its modest shortcomings with enthralling diversions and eye-popping settings.