Winchester wander: stroll through the ancient past of England


One of the largest cathedrals in Europe, appealing to old buildings and reminiscent of a legendary past during this walk around the capital of King Alfred.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Winchester wander

Start this 2 mile long strip where British royal history begins; With Alfred, the only British king (so far) whose name is often followed by the Great. There he, completely unacceptable at the far east end of Broadway, all his 17 feet from his base to his sword raised. Fair enough – when he ruled, Winchester was the capital of England. And if he shows the impression of thought is still, he is not the only one here.

Even before you make your first step through this proud city, you will face one of the key industry, self myths. Bend your knees, but only to walk around the magnificent brazen statue. With its huge beard that does not fit the shaved image of the coins manipulated in his reign, it is like the late Victorians trying to give up the spirit of King Arthur even earlier and Mistier reign

Follow the west along The Broadway, with the Guildhall Facade of the Gothic Renaissance cliff that fills your view on the left. Just a few years older than Alfred’s statue, all of which were turrets and cliffs, today’s majesty becomes more civilian than the army.

Head straight to High Street, but not before you have a vigilant view of the Hampshire countryside near your back towards Temple Valley and Tichborne, crossing the eastern ring of M3. If you want to see, and feel, how the highway has taken the dual role of savior and cruel on the old town, this location is as good as any.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Winchester wander

As you walk along this road, without a car for a long time, you are walking on the ground, from which about a thousand millennia of pilgrimage embarked on a journey of 120 miles to the building. Canterbury’s Thomas Becket along the old pedestrianized highland pedestrianized highway. Walking is truly the way to go in the national capital of ancient ways.

Down West of High Street, right in front of the road, is the discouraged form of the prison of the old prisoners, has long been put into service as the Westgate Museum, where attractions including the wall are Covered by prisoner graffiti; It is also possible that the Great Hall of the 13th century is all that remains of Winchester Castle and has a respectable round table. Is that Arthur’s? Yes, it carries the names of his knights around the edges but, medieval, it’s basically modern furniture. However, the Hampshire Council did not have a “table similar to yours” … and appealed to it as the “symbolic table of Arthurian Legend”.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Winchester wander

Up Tower Street, going north. In a city full of ruins and damaged walls, the modern narrow of the buildings on your left has a nerve. If the other side goes the same way, you will have a sterile closed valley for a conservation center. However, as is happening in this grotesque street scene, a few shakes shake down a narrow, short pedestrian area, and Winchester reclaims itself. That is, it will resume production cooperation with the past, as you will see right after you switch to Jewry Street, through the Royal Theater and Discovery Center. This is a beautiful row of listed housing, nice fun thank you, without being ostentatious. They search the world as a house, until you see the signs. One of them is your frontal state on the sidewalk: a hi-fi shop. Beside, a law firm. It is true that it was founded in 1799, but is almost modern to a grid standing on such numbers of Anglo-Saxon and Roman issues.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Winchester wander

Below is a modeled brick and wood from a medieval house occupied by Nicholas Waller in 1509. It is located on the threshold. There is less local blue logo on Loch Fyne Seafood Bar and Grill. On the front of its similar neighbor, a wide belt of Manpower signs, across from the Wagamama House at Century House, still looks like the Hampshire Building and the Friendly Society. Meanwhile, Old Gaolhouse has reformed itself radically as a free house, complete with the Wetherspoons badge.

On High Street, turn left, then straight down St Thomas Street to a picturesque maze of tight medieval lanes. Third left on Minster Lane, left at the elbow on Little Minster Street right into Great Minster Street. If the distraction of the Minsters did not warn you with the arrival of something serious chaplain, see as you pass the Square will do the trick. For this is, the big church, proud of the world’s oldest nave world. It is located near the city’s base like a magical galleon, and surrounds it near numerous historical buildings dating back to the time of the church as well as a museum.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Winchester wander

Because of its narrow tower, in Norman style, it does not declare itself into the town below the way of Norwich or Salisbury, but the alliance of grace and boldness is equal to any church in the land. . As the vast spaces of worship go, it is also on the friendly side, full of tours, concerts and many attending services. Likewise, since its maintenance costs an eye 10,000 pounds a day. A growing army of volunteers brings a smiling witness to the hard work of heritage. Trying though it is to Winchester stands for an outdated England, which is still early, just.

Slope slopes towards the level of calm of the river Itchen. Do this the way Dome Alley, 90 meters south of the church. Place it in St Swithin Street, through the entrance of College Street. A small, endless cricket team is emerging from the pilgrims’ schools, no one can imagine and hit their bats in the air. Confident call and Boris braided hair. Then you go through a stately solemn stone wall with another small window. This is Winchester, as well as in college. In the courthouse outside the entrance, a black student was passing like a crow in the flow of the mighty Alumni of the county: Hugh Gaitskell, Richard Crossman, Willie Whitelaw, Geoffrey Howe; Banks, bishops and pride of reputation less but equally affected. This place has been here for 600 years, and who will say it will not make another segment, stand on a better fence than a town on the river.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Winchester wander

However, overcoming this path is the glorious ruin of Wolvesey Castle, the 1554 scene of Queen Mary and Philip II of the Spanish wedding breakfast, and destroyed in less than a century. Century later by the Roundheads in the civil war in England. Even from the wreckage you can gauge the magical scale of what used to be the bishop’s residence.

From the exit of the castle, the walk will take you northeast to join the west coast of Itchen to go along the river to the Mill City Mill Bridge. Look down and you’ll find yourself looking at King Alfred again, but in a different way. That’s his look. He looks as good as before.

                                                                                                     By: Anna Lee