West Lake in Hanoi capital of Vietnam


West Lake is located in the northwest of Hanoi capital of Vietnam with an area of 500 hectares.

The road around the West Lake is 17 km long. Geographers have proven that the West Lake of Hanoi is an ancient part of the Red River.

West Lake is one of the most romantic corners of Hanoi multi-colored paintings, a world of pure breeze, the open and lyrical space… There are the reasons that why since long time ago until now, the West Lake becomes the source of inspiration of poets, writers, artists … with many songs, poems…captivating everybody.

West Lake not only beautiful by the vast blue water, purple flower, red flamboyant flowers on the arrival of summer, the melancholy of space, willow reflecting on the water in winter afternoons, the sparkling of pure morning … but also by its heart embracing the sad or happy feeling of Hanoi people.

Every dawn, thousand of people, both young and old come to this corner of Hanoi to breathe fresh air and to do exercise. On Thanh Nien road or Youth road, there are many bikes loaded with flowers…

West Lake is not only an ideal tourism destination while travel Vietnam but it also contains the nation’s cultural values. Around the lake, there are 21 temples and pagodas which were rated with many famous values: 102 tablets of stone, 165 parallel sentences, 18 ancient bells, over 300 statues in bronze, wood, stone…

Hanoi has many pagodas, temples…but travelers and Hanoi people still come to Quan Thanh temple, Tran Quoc pagoda…in the West Lake.

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