Watch Fallout 4 Player's Recreation of Lord of the Rings Helm's Deep Battle Sequence


The worlds of Fallout 4 and The Lord of the Rings have finally come together. YouTube’s Cosmic Contrarian created the famous The Lord of the Rings location Helm’s Deep and then simulated the memorable battle that took place there. But instead of Men vs. Orcs, this showdown sees Brotherhood of Steel and Minutemen going to war with thousands upon thousands of super mutants.

This is not the first Fallout 4 battle video from Cosmic Contrarian. Some of their other videos also showcase massive-scale battles, including this one where 30,000 glowing deathclaws fight 300 super mutants. The Lord of the Rings video is actually Cosmic Contrarian’s 14th battle video.

You can see them all here on Cosmic Contrarian’s YouTube page.

This new video caught the eye of Fallout developer Bethesda. The studio linked to the video on Twitter, even supplying a funny accompanying message that calls back to a quote from The Two Towers.

“It is said that his settlement has never fallen to assault,” the Fallout Twitter account said, referencing the line that Theoden said.