Watch a guy bathe in 500 pounds of ‘liquid glass’ putty

Watch a guy bathe in 500 pounds of 'liquid glass' putty

A willing participant sits into a tub of putty.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

I remember Silly Putty, that weird squishy beige substance that came in a red plastic-egg container. As kids, we used it to pull the ink off of newspaper comics. Times have changed and there are some much fancier versions of play putty on the market, including one called Liquid Glass Thinking Putty from online weird-stuff retailer Vat19.

Vat19 wisely decided to pull off an entertaining marketing video involving 500 pounds (227 kilograms) of the clear semi-gelatinous substance. It poured the thick goo into a bathtub and asked a person to climb in. Vat19 posted the resulting video on Tuesday.

The Liquid Glass Thinking Putty is not actually made from glass. It looks crystal clear when at rest, but becomes cloudy when you start to push, pull and twist it around. Let it sit and it becomes clear once again, a process that can take up to an hour.

It took quite a bit of effort to coax the putty into the tub. Vat19 keeps the ingredients a secret, but that didn’t deter a man from stepping in with nothing but a pair of shorts to protect his sensitive areas.

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When asked how it felt to stew in a vat of putty, the test subject responds, “I’m mainly cold and it’s hard to breathe because it’s so heavy on my chest.” Sounds delightful.

Getting into the substance was easy, but getting out turned into quite a challenge. The putty has a tendency to cling to body hair.

The putty sells for $14.99 (about £11, AU$21) for a fifth of a pound (90 grams) of the gloppy stuff. That means the tub was filled with $37,500 worth of putty. That may be one of the most expensive baths ever taken.