Two fiery pink ball caught in the love network of striker Pato


Beautiful girl – Two fiery pink ball caught in the love network of striker Pato. Model duo Alexander Pato melon hot Brazilian physique.

Alexander Pato is a Brazilian striker who has been traded for a record price of 17 years. Not only have the ability to play football, he also has the level of admirable admiration when the long legs. First is model Debora Lyra.

Debora Lyra was born in 1989, is a Brazilian actress and model. She won the top spot in Miss Brazil 2010 and won the Miss Universe 2014. Pato and Lyra made a quick comeback in 2010.

She owns a measure of three rounds of fire that is 93-63-90 (cm).

Lyra began modeling at the age of 8 and cherished the dream of becoming Miss Brazil right from the baby. However, at age 15, she had to pause model work to work for an export company because of family difficulties. After four years, Lyra has just returned to her favorite job.

Miss Minas Gerais win 2010 and Miss Brazil together. She also represented Brazil to compete in the Miss Universe 2010 but did not win.

Lyra can speak fluent English, Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish.

The 10kg gain after the Miss makes her depressed, however she quickly pass. By the end of 2011, Brazilian beauties suffered a terrible car accident, had to remove the spleen and spine treatment. At present, Lyra has regained the beauty as the Miss.

The sexy, athletic image thanks to the hard work of the recent Miss.

Her fiery scent is her dream of many people.

Pato is also a model, named Fiorella Mattheis, born in 1988. She is also a television MC and actress in Brazil.

She is currently holding Pato’s heart. The couple dating back to 2014 and still have strong feelings.

The models posses body measurements in turn are 86-63-90 (cm). Beautiful body helped her pull about 3 million track on Instagaram.

Mattheis was born in Rio de Janeiro, with two Italian and German bloodlines. She is the daughter of racing driver Andreas Mattheis. This Brazilian girl is married in 2013 but her husband divorces in 2014.

Mattheis started his modeling career at the age of 14 and entered the finals of the competition organized by Elite Model Management.

She has extensive experience in performing, from Japan, Hong Kong, to the fashion paradise in Europe.

Unlike many beauties in the entertainment industry, Mattheis does not drink alcoholic beverages. She does not eat red meat and chicken for psychological reasons and has a strict diet.

In addition, beauties from Rio de Janeiro jogging 3-4 times a week, each 5-7 km, will occasionally run on the treadmill.

In 2015, when she was shooting for PG clothing company with actor Paulo Gustavo. He also praised her as the most beautiful woman he had ever met.