The town people go to have breakfast by private planes in US


    Spruce Creek is famous throughout the United States as each housedold owns a private plane.

    Spruce Creek, a town in northeastern Florida, is considered one of the most unique communities in the world. The town has only about 5,000 people living, 1300 houses. The residents built up to 700 hangars and shuttles in front of each villa, according to Easy My Trip.

    Instead of going by car, families choose the aircraft as their transportation. They built their own runway into the highway located by the GPS system. For those who love the plane, life in Spruce Creek can be like paradise.

    Bãi đậu máy bay của thị trấn Spruce Creek. Ảnh: Flickr.

    Spruce Creek residents live very solidly and closely. Most of them are professional pilots who regularly use the aviation terms when talking. Others work as doctors, lawyers, real estate investors … but all have the same passion for flying.

    Every Saturday morning, everyone will gather at the runway, take off in groups of 3 and fly to one of the local airports for breakfast. They call this tradition Saturday Morning Gaggle and maintain it regularly every week.

    Thay vì có garage ô tô, người dân sử dụng nhà chứa máy bay. Ảnh: Flickr.

    Spruce Creek is not the only community with its own airport in the United States. This model came into being after World War II, when the United States had too many “unemployed” pilots and empty airplanes. The number of pilots was below 34,000 in 1939, but increased to more than 400,000 in 1946.

    To address this situation, the US Civil Aviation Administration has proposed the construction of 6,000 airbases across the country, beginning with the formation of a vast air network and the birth of local communities having same passion for plane.


    There are more than 600 communities flying throughout the United States, mainly in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Texas and Washington, where Spruce Creek is considered the largest community. This exciting lifestyle has even spread to many parts of the world, including Canada, South Africa and Costa Rica.

                                                                                                                        By: Anna Lee