Top online action games to explode the game world


The combination of fantastic online action game is causing the community to explode.


Although it is scheduled for release in 2017, the ultimate online martial arts online game. Absolver will surprise the official licensing of gamers worldwide. Now those who are interested can find good luck at this address:

The fact that Absolver has the gameplay to say is unique to how to use the martial arts very interesting, ensuring that no online game in the world to do so. The most interesting thing is the beautiful moves, impressive combos depends entirely on gamer’s choice

Gamers will have to learn to dodge attacks, and find weak positions of the opponent to attack, rather than simply jump into the skill. Simply because the enemy’s attack is very strong and if the subject is able to board immediately.


Participating in this game, gamers will have to hide under a mask, forget who you are to join the Absolver organization to maintain balance around the world. The special thing is that everyone will choose their school of combat with limbs or melee weapons such as swords, knives …

Brawlout is considered a blockbuster product with a lot of expectations Angry Mob Games has been very successful with the names Predator, Muffin Knight, Toysburg … Games of the antagonistic type are inspired by the monument Super Smash Bros, Street Figthter and Mortal Kombat. Therefore, gamers will enjoy the extremely martial arts martial arts extremely beautiful with smooth movement character and especially impressive facial skills have not appeared in any other online game.

The game is set in a fantasy world where many races exist and open up the ‘trumpet’ between the prominent figures to find the strongest tribe and bring glory to their people. Not only is there a 1 vs 1 antagonism, Brawlout also has extremely interesting co-op modes to create infinite combos, not to mention individual clans with very specific character traits, requiring gamers to be familiar with all ‘tribes’.

Brawlout’s graphic style has to say is extremely fun and funny, looking through the already fun, combining the addition of strange tactics to ensure that this will be a super fun online game for gamers.

Quake Champions

At present, the game online game Quake Champions has opened the trial and this is a great opportunity for Vietnamese gamers to try out. Although this game is free to play, but anyone who wants to participate in the test needs a activation key, which you can find at this site.

The most attractive feature of the Quake Champions is the fast firing style, powerful guns that can beat opponents in the blink of an eye and tips that allow players to perform high jumps. Both maps as in the original Quake version are also retained and combined with a beautiful new graphics platform, creating a sense of nostalgia just vibrant.


Mordhau is a gorgeous online graphics game based on the Unreal Engine 4 platform, but the highlight of the game is the extremely fun fighting game. The game features versatile combat modes with 1 vs 1, small team battles and massive field battles with up to 64 participants.

Basically Mordhau’s playing style is relatively simple to learn, but it is very difficult to master. In fact, this applies to both the combat and the weapon itself. There are hundreds of different combinations of materials, so it’s a great feat to create a wish item.