Top 7 free super games that PlayStation users can not miss in May



If you own PS4 or PS3, you should not miss these attractive free games.

1) Abzu (PS4)

Abzu is an ocean-themed adventure game from a new studio called Giant Squid headed by Matt Nava, formerly the artistic director of two great game titles, Flower and Journey. Thatgamecompany). Journey writer, Austin Wintory (who made the first Grammy nominated title) also accompanied Matt Nava in this highly regarded project.

The personality of this soldier is immediately reflected in the Abzu as it is a completely undiscovered underwater experience. However, the title is still a very exciting and rewarding journey.

2) Alienation (PS4)

Alienation is quite similar to the famous product Alien Shooter, however it is made to a more complex level in terms of graphics and gameplay. Developers have revealed the challenge that they face   to create a more dynamic multiplayer mode. The game consists of three classes of main characters, dozens of trophies, numerous character customizations as well as diverse Alien categories. Looks like a Rambo game, but this product is essentially a tactical shooter.

The main plot of the game is about the Allied Forces’ journey. This group discovers  alien species with a variety of shapes ranging from half-warriors to monsters. Somehow they have calculated in advance the key military position on Earth and find ways to capture. This species grows fast and is adapted to most climatic and weather conditions. The only way to defeat them is by combining the same superior firepower.

3) Laser Disco Defenders (PS4)

when joinning the Laser Disco Defenders, you will transform into a galactic militia on a journey against the evil Lord Monotone to return peace to the universe. Game style gun, platform with the game, attractive, unique and high speed.

4) Tales From the Borderlands (PS4)

Tales From the Borderlands puts you in the role of Rhys, a normal character who always wants to be a sidekick by the handsome Jack, the villain of Borderlands 2. However, the game will not give you any shot. The guns of tension, or the high tempo of the character to confront the masses of enemies, will be based on the intuitive adventure gameplay similar to The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead.

5) Type: Rider (PS4)

Join the Type: Rider, the player controls two small dots gradually learn the history of the formation and development of the script. You will have to skillfully overcome obstacles arranged by the letters themselves or images created during that period. Type: Rider brings in meaningful storyline with lightweight gameplay that will bring you relaxed moments of comfort. One game should not be overlooked.

6) Blood Knights (PS3)

Blood Knight recounts the story of Jeremy, a dragon hunter, but when on the mission he is attacked and in critical condition, forced to commit blood to a powerful female vampire. Named Alysa. The duo used to be on both sides of the front line, now forced to cooperate against a power from the Dark Ages, as well as breaking the invisible bond within their bodies.

7) Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants (PS3)

As the name implies, Port Royale 3: Pirates & Merchants offers players the experience of the glittering pirates or celebrity merchants of the 17th century, when Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain is racing to retain control of the sunny Caribbean Carribean.