Top 10 best things to do in Belgium


Boring Belgium? ‘No,’ suppose to us, who have discovered the art nouveau in Brussels, kayaked in the Ardennes – and even at a gut hotel.

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Winning tip: See-through church, Borgloon

The building of the chapel/art of the Belgian architect Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh is simulated by the village’s traditional church, but is built from horizontal steel plates to a certain degree from which it appears. Sure, while others mix in the landscape. We visited on a cold December day, with snow still on the ground, but were alerted by the beauty and tranquility of the site (in Limburg Province). An almost religious experience, or simply a very beautiful treasure.

Kayaking in the Ardennes

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The Lesse River is shallow and safe but the downstream flow brings you along with minimum sailing effort. Car hire stations can be reached by bus and train, and the route passes through the sunshine forests, castles and cliffs of the former to the confluence with Meuse, where the drinks are waiting. On a hot summer afternoon, all of Belgium goes down to the river – a fun boat race of young children, small friends, quiet couples, picnics and even odd dogs. .

Woods on wheels, near Brussels

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Woods on wheels, near Brussels

Sonian Forest is a perfect open wide green playground to explore on two wheels. The ancient forests have smooth, flat, flat lines, stretching through dense oaks and beautiful old oak trees. Bicycles can be rented from De Woudpoort (Gate Forest Gate) at the entrance to one of the most scenic circular paths. This old ranger station also has a good map and refreshments including local coffee beers. It’s only 11 miles to either the Brussels center or the airport and the friendly staff at De Woudpoort will call you a taxi back to your hotel if you end up drinking a few beer glasses over plan.

Well toned, Brussels

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Well toned, Brussels

Museum of Musical Instruments is a beautiful art building in central Brussels, built as an Old England department store. This shop previously featured hundreds of instruments from around the world, including a seven-trombone trumpet from Belgium (one of Adolphe Sax’s inventions), a twelve yatts yarn from Mongolia, the janggu drum Korea, and an electronic electronics from Russia. Praised by Lenin and Led Zeppelin). Use infrared headphones and listen to the bizarre stuff that is often on display. Enjoy homemade cuisine at the rooftop café, with spectacular views out of the city from the terrace. Entry into this marvelous music is 8 euros with concessions.

Bowel hotel, near Antwerp

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Bowel hotel, near Antwerp

At the CasAnus Hotel visitors can stay in a gigantic replica of the human bowel, complete with huge rectum (and all mod cons), in the middle of Belgian countryside about 15 miles from Antwerp. Not sure of a better way to spend €120 a night! The price includes breakfast and entry to the amazing Verbeke Foundation’s other exhibits in the sculpture park.

House beer, Bruges

Kết quả hình ảnh cho House beer, Bruges

It can be tricky to be somewhere like a tourist like Bruges to describe anything as hidden – even the great bar De Garre, concealed down a narrow alley with low light and no sea newspaper. And although it is not a complete secret, it will avoid it, especially if you are prepared to climb the bumpy stairs to the top floor. Be warned though: they can easily go up – less to go down after you have been home brewed fresh ale staminee de garre but 12 hours. It’s powerful but still drinkable so much that they only allow you up to three. Do not blame me if you fall.

Remembering the first world war, Ypres

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Remembering the first world war, Ypres

For anyone like me who has a family connection with World War I, I recommend taking a field trip. I spent a couple of days in Ypres where a lot of tours were found. This place was destroyed but the town plan was kept safe in Bruges and the “Wipers”, as the British soldier called it, was meticulously reconstructed. The Field Museum in Flanders Field Museum is located in the very old Cloth Hall; Visitors will be given a personal apple a laurel wreath when coming to an IC setting language choice that allows you to discover four personal stories. And outside, every night no matter what happens, at the Menin Gate the last article is played and there is a memo and memo. Very few people can be reluctant.

Great Mexican food, Leuven

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Great Mexican food, Leuven

Donki is an affordable Mexican restaurant amid the bars and cafes of the beautiful medieval town’s Oude Markt. You can sit outside and enjoy the view of the life-size statue De Kotmadam (the Landlady) resting on a bench in front of the restaurant. The staff are really nice and speak multiple languages. You can create your own burrito or taco. There are multiple ways you can have your tacos or burrito; you can choose what ingredients you want and how spicy you would like. You can get a burrito with homemade lemonade for €10.

Antwerp’s most authentic brown bar

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Antwerp’s most authentic brown bar

If Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks painting appeared, it would definitely look like a brown bar. The sad neon lights emit light on the cobblestone blocks of Wolstraat – the patrons at rest gently feel the breeze from the 10th electric car stabbing only a few inches apart. It’s not a favorite – there are some beers on the tap, along with red wine or “fine wine” – but the piano, tiled floors and wooden decorations talk about more complicated days. . Against the hype (although there is now a well-maintained Facebook page) it’s a place without time. It is far from ancient: women have owned it for over a century.

The Ardennes with kids

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Woods on wheels, near Brussels

Celles is a great base for a family trip. Hotel Saint Hadelin has cosily modern rooms (doubles from €90 B&B) and a superb restaurant offering French/Belgian dishes with a warm welcome for children. There are also self-catering cottages(from €80 a night) and an excellent pizzeria, Le Chapelain, in the village. The Ardennes’ villages, hills and valleys are popular with walkers and cyclists but there’s also plenty for young families who need more structured activities. We enjoyed the animal park at Han-sur-Lesse (from €19 adults/€13 kids), observing wolves, bears and other wildlife, and Domaine de Chevetogne (€10) where landscaped paths, playgrounds and a kids’ farm allow visitors to enjoy the rolling countryside alongside child-friendly facilities.

                                                                                                         By: Anna Lee