The Witness Development May Have Turned Jonathan Blow into Bear Grylls


Not sure if you know this, but developing a video game is really difficult. There are long hours, you sink all of your money into it, then you borrow money from other people and spend that too. As you reach the end of the development cycle, things only get harder.

Case in point: Jonathan Blow. The creator of acclaimed platformer Braid is expected to release his next game, The Witness, on January 26. From all accounts, it’s a sprawling experienced packed wall to wall with mind-boggling puzzles.

There’s probably a million different nuts and bolts that need tightening to make sure the whole thing works as it’s supposed to, so every second counts in the lead up to release. In fact, time is so precious that Blow can’t even step away from his desk to take a piss.

Earlier today he posted a Twitter update showing something that looks like a makeshift catheter made out of a bottle and a plastic tube. The container is half full of fluid that looks a lot like urine. Take a look for yourself below.

Here is another thing I helped make, to help finish The Witness:

— Jonathan Blow (@Jonathan_Blow) January 22, 2016

The Witness Development May Have Turned Jonathan Blow into Bear Grylls

Of course, we may have the wrong end of the stick and Blow may instead just be really fond of apple juice.

But then why would you spend precious time fashioning a drinking solution that ignores all the existing ways of achieving the same thing. Just get a big swirly straw dude.

The Witness launches for PS4 and PC on January 26. An iOS version will follow “some months” later, while an Xbox One edition may also be in the works.