The Division PC Beta Is Easy to Hack – Report


Ubisoft’s upcoming action game The Division is currently in closed multiplayer beta, but some players have already discovered methods for rampant cheating on the PC version. The exploits include altering statistics to grant players unlimited health and ammo, super-speed, critical hit chance, no recoil, and unlimited medical kits.

According to posts on Reddit and Neogaf, the hacks are a result of players’ statistics being stored on the client side, which users can alter and then push online. The game server allegedly accepts these altered values without checking. It’s worth reiterating that the game is still currently in beta, which has been extended to end at 3 AM PST on Tuesday, February 2. Ubisoft said this extension was implemented to “allow everyone who has access to fully enjoy the beta.”

The Division is scheduled for release on March 8 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’d like to compare the difference between the two console versions, check out this performance analysis. Need some tips on how to improve your gameplay without cheating? Read our guide on how to avoid being bad at the game.

In other news about The Division, Ubisoft has announced that three paid expansion packs and multiple free updates for the game will be released throughout 2016.