Street Fighter 5: Capcom Explains Ken's New Look


Street Fighter veteran character Ken Masters was redesigned for Street Fighter V, and now, Capcom has shed some light on why it went a new direction with not only his look, but also his moveset.

“Ken looks fine [laughs],” Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn told IGN at PAX South when asked by the interviewer why Ken looks “so weird” in the game. “People say he looks a little bit different. He looks a little bit different, his hair is a little bit different; he now has that kind of sporty shirt on as well.”

“Not only that, but we made him play a lot different as well. So I think the team wanted to separate the two a little more, so it wasn’t a ‘white ninja dude, red ninja dude,'” Lunn explained.

Ken was confirmed for Street Fighter V last summer during San Diego Comic-Con, at which time Capcom also showcased his new look. Fans of the series immediately noticed that Ken was given a big redesign; he sports longer hair pulled back in a ponytail, much like his younger, Alpha period incarnation.

For more on Ken’s new look and moves, check out the video above.

Street Fighter V launches on February 16 in North America and Europe for PS4 and PC, supporting cross-play between both platforms. Just recently, Capcom announced a story mode for the game will launch this summer as a free update.

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