Star Citizen Creator Answers 10 Fan Questions About the Game


Star Citizen’s first “10 for the Chairman” video of 2016 is now online. In the video, creator Chris Roberts tackles 10 questions about the PC space game posed by the community. This week, he answered questions involving penalties for misbehaving players, the status of Star Citizen’s FPS module, and more.

You can watch the full video below, while a complete transcript is available on Imperial News Network.

On the subject of plans for deterring and/or punishing players for poor behavior, Roberts said developer Cloud Imperium Games is thinking about an enforcement system driven in part by players. Basically, offending players will have bounties on their heads, with other players encouraged to go track them down.

“So if you attack someone in an area you shouldn’t, you know, there isn’t authorized PVP, then if there’s communication satellites around, and the attack was broadcast by the Black Box then ‘bam’ all of a sudden there may be a bounty on your head,” Roberts said, adding that this feature will be introduced in a future version of Star Citizen. “And other players can go after you and actually earn Alpha UEC for taking you out and there’ll be NPC police that would also be going after it.”

Roberts added that Star Citizen will function almost like the real world, where there are consequences for bad behavior, but that doesn’t necessarily stop criminal activity. For example, a team of players may decide to work together to steal a ship containing valuable gold by disabling the Comm Satellites that would otherwise inform other players that a heist is going down. But Roberts went on to say that Star Citizen’s enforcement system will make attempts to curb instances of “griefing” that benefit no one.

On the subject of Star Marine, which is Star Citizen’s delayed FPS module, Roberts said he gets “annoyed” by comments like, “Oh Star Marine is cancelled” or “Where’s Star Marine!?” Cloud Imperium is continually iterating on Star Marine, planning to add new features and functionality like vaulting and sliding, as well as more weapons, through future updates.

“It’s definitely in and Star Marine was originally our idea of how to get people to play the FPS before we could put everything together, but since that obviously took longer than we expected to get FPS to the level that we are comfortable with,” Roberts said. “By the time we got it to the level we said, ‘Okay you guys can play this.’ Well we already had all the other things combined with the large world and the 64-bit coordinates and the zone system so that was it. So there you are, we will have Gold Horizon, we will have Star Marine, but that will come online once all the basic FPS features are out in and live in the mini PU.”

For lots more, watch the full video (timestamps below) or check out the complete transcript on Imperial News Network.

  • 02:15 – 2-Step Verification Login
  • 02:53 – Ship connected to User Online/Offline Status
  • 03:56 – Game Stability Updates
  • 05:29 – Picking Up Objects On Planets
  • 06:56 – Griefing
  • 11:57 – Multi-Monitor HUD
  • 14:47 – Large Ship Damage Control Lockers
  • 17:43 – Patches Before Next Milestone
  • 18:30 – Star Marine’s Future
  • 21:15 – Dogfights Through Space Stations