Seeing the gap between the fingers knows whether people will be rich or poor



Seeing the gap between the fingers is to know whether people are  rich or poor in the future. From the point of view of an anthropologist, looking at the finger gap can predict some of the riches, the money of the landlord.


1.Gap between index finger and middle finger

This person likes freedom, does not want to be bound by others. They think deeply, be careful, work hard and try. So all aspects of life are good, family happy, career bright.


  1. The gap between  middle finger and the thumb finger


The person whose hand has the middle finger and the little finger has a gap is a person who lives according to his or her own preferences, likes freedom, does not like to be constrained or constrained by any framework.


Being a stranger, action without plans, freewheeling trip, traveling everywhere can encounter many obstacles. If the middle age does not know how to adjust the old life will be very tragic.


  1. The gap between ring finger and baby finger

You are quite stubborn, conservative, do not like being “promoted, taught life”, whether relatives or friends. Besides, you do not like being tied up and hate working with superiors that you think are less capable than you.


At work, you act sensationally, do not care about what others think, so you’re easy to make mistakes and rarely rate by the boss.


If you are too obstinate and do not modify, afraid that you will always stamp in place, only earn the indigestible, incomplete collection. Always listen to the opinions of others, you will succeed.

  1. All fingers have large gap.


You are extremely liberal, you spend money without thinking.


In return, you are good at making money, working hard and full of energy. With you, money is only extraneous, helping to make life more happy.


The wider the gap width, the more generous you are. If anyone has pressed four fingers together and still have wide gap then it will be “over spend”, that is, they spend more money than making  money, imbalance between output and input. They spend money primarily to buy items for relatives rather than spending money for themselves.

  1. The fingers are close together, there is no gap


You are introverted, also conservative but not too feudal, backward. On the emotional side, you are thoughtful, sincere, easy to be trusted by others. On the side of work, although a little obstinate, but you work clearly organized plan, so the success rate is high.


In addition, this person is not good at talking or expressing emotions. But they are reassuring, willing to shoulder everything without complaining. If they are female, they are the models of the family, if they are male, they will be the main man in the house.


In terms of finance, after middle age, you will have a solid financial resource with much money  than other people, but they do not have  wealth, prosperity life.