Seeing the cosplayer ‘s perfect body of the world in The Witcher



Ben Schamma is a popular name in the world because of his beautiful, stylish and attractive appearance.


Since joining Cosplay events for the role-playing game series The Witcher, the series features Geralt, the mysterious monster hunter Ben Schamma. He is currently a very popular cosplayer in this fan community.

Thanks to the graceful style, body and soul to each centinmet, the female fans are so … crazy, to the extent that the CD Projekt Red has contracted this guy in most cosplay events just to flurt the female fans.

It can be said that the charm of action role-playing game The Witcher 3, the extended version and the “old game that” or GOG have been successful for CD Projekt. That is not to mention the success of the Gwen card game in The Witcher 3 making the game “fed” is Gwent: The Witcher Card Game also received a warm welcome when it closed beta in October last year.