Robots can save humans


CHIMP, MOMARO, HELIOS, … are robots capable of saving people in natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis or nuclear disasters.

Nhung mau robot co the cuu nguoi hinh anh 1

CHIMP: The design of the Tartan rescue team from the National Robotics Engineering Center, Carnegie Mellon University. The CHIMP is human-like, standing 1.57 meters tall and weighing about 182 kilograms. This robot moves primarily based on the same conveyor belt as the tank’s wheels are mounted on the legs. With a hand nearly 3 m long with wrist joints, flexible arms, CHIMP is easy to operate the valve lock, power off, even grasp the object.

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MOMARO: Designed by NimbRo rescue team at the University of Bonn in Germany. The robot is shaped like a human, capable of traveling on complex terrain. Each robot arm has four fingers, which is flexible in holding objects. Momaro is equipped with a 3D laser sensor and 8 cameras around for panoramic and continuous views to the operator screen.

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HELIOS (ATLAS): The software on Helios is written by MIT. The team has created a programming tool that helps to see the physical limits of the robot, allowing the operator to track the robot’s behavior and control its actions such as walking, lifting objects. In addition, Helios is equipped with position sensors, accelerometers and laser scanners to give the operator a broad view and detailed view of the surroundings.

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THORMANG 2: Developed by Robotis in Seoul. This is a 1.6m tall humanoid robot named Thormang 2, weighing 60 kg. Thormang 2 is an upgraded version of Thormang 1, which is stronger, faster and more stable than the previous version, although the basic parameters are similar.

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WALKMAN: This is a human-like rescue robot researched and developed by the Italian Institute of Technology and the University of Pisa. The Walkman prototype has a height of 1.85 m with a 2 m long span and a weight of 118 kg. Around the hull is a soft covering that allows the robot to withstand physical shocks during operation. In addition, Walkman is also equipped with sensors, stereo viewing systems, 3D laser scanner.

                                                                                                                  By: Anna Lee