The PS4 sells the 60 million phones


According to Sony‘s latest financial statements, the PS4 continues to be the best gaming console in the last five years.

Over the past few months, the console market has been very active with two notables, Nintendo Switch and Xbox Scorpio. While the Switch is impressive due to the special design, constantly breaking Nintendo’s own sales record, the Xbox Scorpio has shocked us with the current worst-case configuration.

However , despite the brightness of the two devices mentioned above, many gamers are still waiting for PS4 – the console that holds the number one spot. .Evidence is that in the 2016 and early 2017, as many as 20 million PS4 units are sold globally, according to new financial reports released by Sony on April 28.

This achievement pushed the total number of PS4 out of the market to 60 million phones .  In the past five years, there is not any devices which  is more successful than PS4 in terms of sales for playing game  .

This is a very remarkable achievement for Sony, as the PS4 is facing with a lot of information that the system is beginning to move towards the end of its life cycle. Even Sony is optimistic predicting that in the next phase (2017-2018), 18 million PS4 players will continue to be sold for gamers. If this business momentum is true, PS4’s surpassing PS3 sales (2006) is quite possible.