New Heroes of the Storm Video Highlights Diablo 3's Wizard


Heroes of the Storm’s next character is the Wizard from Diablo III. Known as Li-Ming, we’ve now gotten a new video highlighting her and her abilities.

As explained in our recent interview with director Dustin Browder, Blizzard intends to introduce characters with higher skill caps. That includes Li-Ming, whose passive sees all of her ability cooldowns reset whenever she kills an enemy.

As for specific abilities, she has Magic Missile, which launches three projectiles that can cross in different patterns depending upon how it’s aimed. Arcade Orb shoots out a projectile that does area of effect damage once it hits a target; the further it travels before hitting something, the larger and more powerful it becomes. Her final ability is Teleport, letting her instantly move a short distance.

The first of her two Ultimate abilities is Disintegrate–the cool-looking beam attack from Diablo III. It penetrates targets, hitting everyone within its reach, and can be aimed as it fires, making it similar to Diablo’s Lightning Breath ability. The alternative is Wave of Force, which does damage and knocks enemies away from a targeted location.

Li-Ming is one of two new Diablo characters on the way to Heroes of the Storm. The other, Xul, is the first character to be added from Diablo II (he’s the game’s Necromancer). Xul features numerous references back to Diablo II with his dialogue interactions, and both characters have several alternative skins on the way, as do other characters.