Morrowind retold via the medium of Facebook


Morrowind retold via the medium of Facebook
/u/TheTitanova’s finest work.

When I think ‘lore’, my mind goes to dusty tomes in long-forgotten libraries, or scrolls of prophecy that blind the reader. Facebook isn’t typically the vehicle by which arcane knowledge is conveyed, but that hasn’t stopped Redditor TheTitanova from retelling the entirety of Morrowind’s backstory in status updates.

Posted to the Morrowind subreddit and created using a Facebook Wall generator (having friends whose names coincide exactly with the cast of Morrowind would be quite the coincidence and a boring Venn diagram), this timeless work goes deep into the history of Tamriel and is naturally laden with spoilers. Long-time Morrowind fans should get a kick out of the in-jokes.

Thanks, Kotaku.