Light the way with ‘Ghostbusters’ Stay Puft candle

Light the way with 'Ghostbusters' Stay Puft candle

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man may have tormented the Ghostbusters, but he smells great as a candle.


The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man might wear an adorable sailor hat and collar, but he isn’t just a mascot for a delicious treat.

In the original “Ghostbusters” movie, from 1984, he was also a horrifying threat measuring 112 feet tall and hell-bent on destroying New York City.

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But when he’s in candle form, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is around to set a romantic mood. This Stay Puft Marshmallow Man candle smells yummy

and slowly melts away while grinning at you with a giddy smile.

The candle, which stands about 8 inches high (20 centimeters), is now available online at UK store Firebox for $28.49 (about £20, AU$40).

You don’t need a proton pack to light him on fire. Just use a match and watch him glow brighter than Slimer himself.

This isn’t the first time Firebox has offered an unusual pop culture candle. The “Raiders of the Lost Ark” Toht face-melting candle and the Hatching Dinosaur candle will make you long for a citywide blackout.