Jogging adds 7 hours to your life


Scientists point out that each jogging time increases 7 hours for human life and prolongs life for a maximum of three years.

Jogging is a simple physical activity that is effective. It works to control weight and blood pressure, thereby limiting the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as cancer. Recent research in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases shows that people who go jogging will live longer for three years than those who do not.


According to Time, to point out the conclusion, scientists have looked at many studies of jogging benefits in the past and compare it with other forms of exercise. They found that as long as they run for one hour, people live longer for seven hours and the longevity of jogging extends up to three years. Walking, cycling also increase life span but not longer as jogging.

Explaining the phenomenon, the authors said jogging is a particularly effective form of exercise. In addition, runners often have a healthy lifestyle, maintain a healthy weight, do not smoke and limit alcohol.

However, because it is not possible to determine how much jogging is good, the scientists recommend that each person should go jogging suitable to their health.

                                                                                                                   By: Anna Lee