Jinri Park – Korean ‘goddess’ showing off hot bikini designs


Beautiful girl, Jinri Park – Korean ‘goddess’ showing off hot bikini designs. Jinri Park (born 1988) is a model and DJ, MC is famous in Korea. She owns the three-ring measure of 86-66-84 (cm).

Park reveals that she is slim and seductive due to a strict vegetarian diet, not eating meat.

Long legs also do not eat eggs or any products that have ingredients from eggs such as pastries, bread …

However, Jinri Park still uses dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. At the same time, 29-year-old beauty eat a lot of green vegetables, away from greasy items.

The model has been practicing such diet for 4 years.

As with skin care, Park follows the basic principle – cleansing and moisturizing. She only moisturizes at night, cleanses her face thoroughly before going to sleep.