Insane life-size armored Batman figure will scare your Superman toys

Insane life-size armored Batman figure will scare your Superman toys

That’s a whole lotta Batfleck.

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Most people are content with normal action figures that can be lined up in rows and admired on a bookshelf. But some people aren’t going to settle for a toy that can get lost behind the couch cushions. They want a figure that will scare the bejeezus out of them when they catch sight of it late at night in a dark room. They want a life-size armored Batman complete with battle scars and a mild scowl.

Hot Toys, known for making normal-size action figures, is releasing a massive “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” collectible depicting Ben Affleck suited up in his intimidating Bat-armor.

Hot Toys describes the figure as “movie-accurate and realistic.” If you’ve seen the dramatic trailers for the film, which opens in late March, then you’ll notice the big Batman does indeed look like a pretty close replica. The figure stands 6.4 feet (1.95 meters) tall. Count the base and it grows to 7.2 feet (2.2 meters) in height.

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The eyes light up and Batman comes with a fabric cape, which you may want to launder from time to time since fighting alien superheros in spandex suits is dirty work. Hot Toys has yet to reveal a price or availability date for this bad boy.

The Batman is the first in a series of life-size collectibles from Hot Toys. This makes it sound likely that Superman will be next. Then you could enact your own growling, grimacing battles between the two in the comfort of your own home.

The massive Bat-collectible will no doubt appeal to DC Comics fans, but there’s no reason you couldn’t pair it with a life-size Incredible Hulk statue and create a new buddy team. If you want things to get really surreal, throw this full-size Darth Vader action figure into the mix and we’ll see who wears the black-cape look the best.

Insane life-size armored Batman figure will scare your Superman toys

You might need to move some furniture to make space for this big Batman.

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