Hoverboards, dinosaurs and Star Wars drones help shovel snow


Let’s face it. No one enjoys shoveling snow. It’s thankless work that takes place in extremely cold weather, and usually the snow returns to the scene of the crime within hours of your attempts to keep the area clear.

But during the US East Coast snowstorm that hit with epic force over the weekend, a few individuals found creative ways to control the snow mania.

Philadelphia resident Adam Szyfman took a geeky approach to shoveling by wearing a banana costume and riding a hoverboard as he cleared his deck. He may have even coined a new hashtag — #hovershoveling.

#hovershoveling the deck pic.twitter.com/GIKuwgQEi4

— Adam Szyfman (@sandler312) January 24, 2016

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen people use hoverboards to shovel snow. During the holidays, various videos popped up on YouTube of people hovershoveling their driveways and sidewalks.

Ian Fisher of Ontario, Canada, used his handcrafted Star Wars Millennium Falcon drone to act as a blower and clear the snow from his walkway. After all, not everyone can use the power of the Force to get rid of the snow.

Using his Millennium Falcon drone, the scene looks more like something out of “The Empire Strikes Back” during the Battle of Hoth. Luckily, no tauntauns were hurt in the process.

Video of the beloved dinosaur of #snowmaggedon2016#NYCpic.twitter.com/pyakBCNxFV

— Andrew Rasiej (@Rasiej) January 23, 2016

Speaking of geeky shoveling techniques, while some people dressed as bananas on hoverboards to shovel snow, others dressed as dinosaurs. Cliff White, a soldier based at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, wore a Tyrannosaurus rex Halloween costume while shoveling snow.

“T. Rex having such short arms, it was really comfortable,” White told Time magazine. “I could do this all day.”

The video capturing his new fame as a dinosaur shoveling snow has already gotten more than 5 million views on Facebook.

Another blizzard-loving dinosaur made its way around New York City during the snowstorm while wearing skis. We shall now call him Ski Rex.