GTA 5 Fan Remakes Batman v Superman Trailer, Hey Arnold Intro


YouTube’s Merfish is back with even more videos of things remade in Grand Theft Auto V. His latest works are totally unrelated but equally impressive: remakes of the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer and the intro to Nickelodeon’s classic Hey Arnold! inside GTA V.

Check out both of the videos below. Note that for Dawn of Justice, there only appears to be a side-by-side comparison version, not a standalone.

You’ll notice they of course aren’t perfect–and the ending to the Hey Arnold! intro definitely wouldn’t have gone over well on TV (saying “Move it, football head” to a short-tempered Trevor is not the best idea). But Merfish made the most of what was available and the results are pretty excellent.

A side-by-side comparison version for the Hey Arnold! video is available on Merfish’s YouTube channel.

Merfish is basically a hero when it comes to remaking things in GTA V. Check out some of their other works below or head to the YouTube page to see even more.

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  • Full House
  • Pokemon
  • Fresh Prince
  • Powerpuff Girls