Get Free Star Wars Battlefront Credits for Playing This Weekend


A new Star Wars Battlefront update was released this week, and to encourage people to jump in and check it out, DICE is offering 5,000 free credits just for logging in and downloading it.

Log in this weekend to get a one-time award of 5,000 credits. Which blaster will you unlock with your free credits?

— EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) January 30, 2016

Credits are earned throughout Battlefront’s various modes and can be used to purchase the game’s numerous unlocks like weapons and emotes, among other things. You can also earn credits through the companion game, Base Command.

January 2016’s Battlefront update launched on Wednesday and included a number of new features like the ability to create private matches; daily challenges and community events were also added. Additionally, it unlocked the Blast, Droid Run, Drop Zone, and Heroes vs. Villains modes for the Tatooine Survival map, Raider Camp.

New Hoth-themed outfits for Like Skywalker and Han Solo were also introduced in the update, along with some balance changes–Boba Fett got nerfed.

EA did not say exactly when the free credit promotion comes to an end outside of “this weekend.”

In other Battlefront news, EA announced this week as part of an earnings report that the sci-fi shooter shipped more than 13 million copies, exceeding the company’s expectations. Additionally, EA has announced four paid expansions for the game, which begin with “Outer Rim” in March.

Have you checked out the update? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!