Gears of War Creator's MOBA Paragon Gets New Gameplay Trailer


Gears of War creator Epic revealed the first footage of its new MOBA Paragon in December. Now, they’ve released a trailer, showing off new gameplay, characters, and abilities.

The video features several characters in the midst of a battle. Characters Gadget and Feng Mao make a push down the middle lane as Rampage shows up to defend and distract, setting up Kallari for an attack. Paragon looks like it’s full of AI creeps, towers, and things blowing up.

Epic has been testing the game on PC through a closed beta. The Unreal Tournament company says it’ll open up tests on the PlayStation 4 “very soon.” GameSpot also got an interview with executive producer John Wasilczyk who talked about what it was like moving from Gears of War to MOBAs.