Gears of War creator optimistic for Gears of War 4


Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has chimed in with some early thoughts on Gears of War 4. Bleszinski said on Twitter that he recently spoke with a writer on the Xbox One game (possibly series writer Tom Bissell), who apparently shared some story details for the upcoming title.

Gears of War fans will be “very pleased,” according to Bleszinski.

Just got off the phone with a friend who is doing some writing on the next Gears game. Sounds like we will all be very pleased with it. 🙂

— Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) January 23, 2016

Bleszinski also shared that he is “rooting” for developer The Coalition to “pull off” Gears of War 4, the first core entry in the series following Microsoft’s acquisition of the Gears of War franchise in 2014.

People forget that I’m rooting for @GearsViking and The Coalition to pull this off. 🙂

— Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) January 23, 2016

Additionally, Bleszinski said he has never been asked for any input on Gears of War 4. Though he says he’d be available to provide feedback or input, he also says he’s yielding to producer Rod Fergusson.

@iBrodieman@GearsViking I’m available. Although I think Rod kinda wants to “own” it as the new visionary. 🙂

— Cliff Bleszinski (@therealcliffyb) January 23, 2016

The Gears of War 4 beta is scheduled to arrive this spring, ahead of the full game’s release in fall 2016. The more than 1 million people who bought Gears of War Ultimate Editionget to play first.

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