French streets in Hanoi – The capital of Vietnam


Hanoi, besides the old town, has the western streets which are also unique architecture, historical values creating attractive Hanoi today.

Museum of HistoryHanoi was planned by the French people from the late 19th century in order to recreate the image of Paris. French quarters extend from Hoan Kiem Lake to Thien Quang Lake, until the Ba Dinh district. Today, the most famous architecture monuments are: the Opera House, Palace of French Indochina governor, the governor government (now the government guest house), the Metrople Legend Hotel…Here are some images of French monuments in Hanoi:

Hanoi OperaHanoi Opera House:

Ancient palace of French Indochina governorAncient palace of French Indochina governor: Now, this is the presidential palace of Vietnam:

Hanoi Metropole Legend HotelHanoi Metropole Legend Hotel:

Hanoi government guest houseHanoi government guest house:

Paul Bert StreetPaul Bert Street in Hanoi center:

Phan Dinh Phung StreetPhan Dinh Phung Street or ancient Carnot Street in Hanoi:

We can say that: French people used so well the harmony of Western and Orient architecture. Museum of History is one example: Planned by a French architect, but we can encounter here the roof, the ornaments… which are the characteristics, images, the tradition of Vietnamese people:

…and another western street:

Although located in the Hanoi old town and there is no French architectural appearance … but local people still calls Ta Hien  “Western Street” simply because the Ta Hien Street is the place where the westerner travelers come to drink beer and to chat every night.

Ta Hien StreetAccording to the majority of young foreign travelers, Ta Hien Street is first place they want to come while being in Hanoi and also the last to say good bye to this millennium capital of Vietnam.

At night, when the city sleeps peacefully, Ta Hien Street begins its life and the “backpackers” are mesmerized by local “cool beer.” They absolutely can comfortably gather here with friends until the morning to drink Hanoi cheap drought beer.

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