Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Just Released a Video Game


Donald Rumsfeld, the 83-year-old former United States Defense Secretary, has released a video game. Called Churchill Solitaire, the iOS game is modeled after the card game that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill played during World War II, apparently to help him make important strategic decisions. It’s billed as “the most diabolical version of solitaire ever devised.” Take a look at the gameplay video below.

For his part, Rumsfeld told The Wall Street Journal, “There is no question. It is a game that requires you to be strategic, to look around corners, to think ahead, and to never give in–which is the phrase Churchill would have used.”

The game’s official website says the game embodies Churchill’s leadership qualities and personality, including thinking two steps ahead, making sacrifices to achieve a bigger goal, and taking advantage of luck and opportunity.

Churchill Solitaire was developed by Churchill Heritage, Ltd. and Javelin, with guidance from Rumsfeld. The development scenario certainly sounds…unique.

From WSJ:

“Mr. Rumsfeld can’t code. He doesn’t much even use a computer. But he guided his young digitally minded associates who assembled the video game with the same method he used to rule the Pentagon–a flurry of memos called snowflakes. As a result, Churchill Solitaire is likely the only video game developed by an 83-year-old man using a Dictaphone to record memos for the programmers.”

Churchill Solitaire is free, though you can pay real money for “hints” and “undos.” All of Rumsfeld’s profits from the game will go to charity. The game is available now on iTunes and is coming to Google Play later.