Fire Emblem Fates Petting Mechanic Removed for Western Release


Nintendo has removed a feature from the western release of Fire Emblem Fates that allows the player to use the touch screen to physically interact with in-game characters.

The feature, which is similar to the Pokemon-Amie mechanic, has been referred to as “skinship” and–perhaps more appropriately–“petting.” Videos of the mechanic in action have been uploaded to the Internet. You can watch one above courtesy of YouTube user HiMyNameIsMaurice.

By tapping on them, players build a closer bond with the character, which translates to better performance in battle. This works for both male and female characters.

Nintendo confirmed to Kotaku that this aspect of the game has been removed for the western release and emphasised that, even in the Japanese version of the game, the petting is not inappropriate.

“Yes, that is the case [that petting isn’t in the English version],” an unnamed representative said. “You might have heard somewhat misinterpreted or exaggerated information about the Japanese original game, but even in the Japanese original version, we have not included any features which are considered inappropriate in Japan.”

Some women appear to respond suggestively when petted in erogenous parts of their body. Nintendo did not say this was the reason why it removed the option to touch characters.

On January 21, Nintendo confirmed it removed a scene from the western versions of the game which made reference to gay conversions and drugging. Explaining the decision, the company said the changes were necessary to “make it appropriate for [western territories.]”

Fire Emblem Fates launches on February 19 and there will be two separate $40 versions of the game; Birthright and Conquest, each with their own complete story exploring the two sides of the conflict. Purchasing one allows you to buy a $20 digital version of the other.

A third version called Revelation will be released after its launch as DLC. It will contain both stories in one.