Fallout 4 Gets Recreated Fallout 3 Location


One player might have left their heart in the Capital Wasteland, but that didn’t stop them from bringing a location from Fallout 3 to Fallout 4’s Commonwealth. With the help of Fallout 4’s new workshop and building mechanics, a player has recreated Tenpenny Tower in Bethesda’s latest post-apocalyptic romp.

Fallout 4 Gets Recreated Fallout 3 Location

Reddit user Kadno constructed the Tower, dubbing it “NoPenny Tower.” He posted images of his creation on Imgur, comparing the original to his architectural feat. You can even see the tower’s exterior. It’s not quite as lavish as the original, which is probably why the user went with “NoPenny.”

Kadno built it at the Starlight Drive In, which they said was harder than originally thought.

“I thought it would be big enough, but it barely fits,” Kadno explained in a Reddit comment. “Should have gone with the island.”

Kadno mentioned that they had finished the main quest and decided to retire in their very own Tenpenny Tower. They would travel to every other settlement to collect supplies and once those ran out they resorted to other methods of supply-collection, like attacking camps and eventually cheating.

The Fallout architect says that after building NoPenny Tower, they never want to build another settlement ever again.

Other players have also been flexing their creative muscle in Fallout 4. Someone modded the game to sport a gorgeous cel-shaded art style, another person (perhaps Danny Trejo?) created a character that looks a lot like Danny Trejo, and one player even let Thomas the Tank Engine loose on the Bostonian Wasteland.