Facebook closes Oculus VR movie studio


Facebook is off a California studio created for film and other video content for Oculus virtual reality headphones.

Henry the Hedgehog

Studio Story Oculus will no longer create its own document but will now help others create ready content of VR.

The studio has won numerous awards for VR’s short films, one of which, called Henry, for the Hedgehog’s birthday party, won the Emmy.

The company has set up a $ 50 million fund to pay for non-gaming content.

It says closing the studio does not mean it has dropped VR movies and movies.

Jason Rubin, vice president of content for the company, said, “We are still committed to developing the VR’s innovative content and video content system on the blog.

Mr. Rubin said the company decided that it would have a greater impact if it helped its growing number of filmmakers and developers create VR art rather than spend on creative work. self.

In total, he said, Oculus would spend $ 250 million to help game makers, developers and filmmakers produce content ready for VR.

Facebook’s Oculus will also continue to develop software and hardware to help creators work with VR.

Mr. Rubin said: Staffs working for Story Studio will be able to sign up to work on Facebook or find work elsewhere.

Studio was closed shortly after Oculus founder Palmer Luckey left the company.

Facebook did not say why he left, but the departure came just after Oculus lost a $ 500 million lawsuit against Zenimax Communications, stating that it had stolen trade secrets.

                                                                                                    By: Anna Lee