EA Hoping to Regain PC Gamers' Trust


Through efforts like the recently introduced Origin Access, megapublisher Electronic Arts is hoping to get back into the good graces of the PC gaming community. Origin senior marketing director Peter O’Reilly said in a new interview with MCV that EA is “on a journey to regain the trust of the PC gamer.”

EA Hoping to Regain PC Gamers' Trust

O’Reilly didn’t mention any specific situations where EA came up short with respect to the PC gaming community, but there are a few recent examples of where users said EA could have done better. Some PC players were no doubt frustrated with the online-only SimCity, while others voiced their disappointment over The Sims 4’s lack of certain features at launch.

To help turn things around, O’Reilly said EA has been steadily rolling out new features and programs for Origin aimed at pleasing the PC crowd, including Origin Access.

“Over the last couple of years we have focused on ensuring a great play experience from launch and bringing players a better experience on Origin with programs like the Great Game Guarantee [EA’s return policy for Origin games], On the House, and now Origin Access,” he said. “We’re excited about the progress we’ve made, but are always pushing ourselves to innovate on behalf of players.”

Also in the interview O’Reilly said EA plans to add more non-EA games to the Origin Access library in the future. Right now, of the 15 games available in the program, just one–This War of Mine–is from a third-party publisher.

On Xbox One, EA Access has no non-EA games.