EA CEO Paid $13.9 Million in 2014 – Report


Andrew Wilson, the CEO of megapublisher Electronic Arts, was paid $13.9 million during fiscal 2014, which ended March 31, 2014, according to a new report from Australian Financial Review. When Wilson, 41, was named EA CEO in September 2013, it was announced that he would be paid an $800,000 yearly salary, though there were also bonus programs in place that would allow him to earn much more–as he did.

EA CEO Paid $13.9 Million in 2014 - Report

As AFR notes, Wilson’s $13.9 million in earnings was likely at least partially attributable to the massive upswing in stock price that EA has enjoyed in the past few years. Since Wilson took over in September 2013, EA’s share value jumped from $26.60 to around $67 where it stands today (via GamesRadar).

That’s a spike of around 150 percent.

Since taking on the role of top executive at the Battlefield and FIFA company, Wilson has spoken a great deal about making EA into a “player-first” company, not the greedy “beast” that some people see the company as. Other executives at the company have also discussed its responsibility to be progressive.

Though he is the leader of one of the biggest and most well-known gaming companies in the world, in his home country of Australia he is basically unknown, AFR reports. Even his mother isn’t sure what his job entails.

“Mum posts things on Facebook occasionally, but I don’t think she has any idea what I do. And that’s OK,” Wilson said.

The full AFR interview is a great read, chronicling the story of Wilson’s blue-collar upbringing and leading up to his eventual rise to the top of EA. Check out the story here.

Fortune magazine recently named Wilson its No. 3 overall Businessperson of the Year, behind only Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Nike CEO Mark Parker.