Dying Light DLC's New Area Is Twice as Big as the Original Game's


Among a number of other things, upcoming Dying Light expansion The Following introduces a new region for players to explore. According to Techland, that area is “twice as big as the maps from the original game.”

That’s the claim made alongside the release of the new trailer above. The video showcases the many different locations you’ll find in this new area, which range from a graveyard and a race track to a granary and a lighthouse.

Of course, simply having a huge world isn’t necessarily a good thing; it needs to be filled with interesting things to see and do. Aside from saying that these new areas offer opportunities for parkour and driving, Techland promises “all the locations are full of little details that tell various apocalyptic stories if you look closely and the most inquisitive will surely discover dozens of rewarding secrets.”

The Following is shaping up to be a big expansion, which was to be expected when its price was raised as it grew in scope. It’ll cost $20 on its own, and is included with the $30 season pass. Alternatively, on February 6 you can get it as part of the $60 Enhanced Edition, which packs in the base game and its DLC, including the Following. Those who already own the game will be receiving the many upgrades in Enhanced Edition for free.