Dreaming of driving a car


Dreaming, deciphering the dream of driving. Dreaming of driving in an accident is a harbinger of fear, you need to focus and be more confident.

If you are driving from the roof of a car, this indicates that you are trying to gain control of your life. You are starting to make your own decisions. And if someone is sitting on the roof of your car and driving your car, this means you are being fooled and hiding something, sometimes not as you think.

Dreaming of driving a car symbolizes your ambition, race and ability in different stages. You are a driver or passenger, all indicative of your positive or negative role in life.

In a dream you are driving in a drunken state, this indicates that your life is out of control. Some relationships or somebody is controlling you.

Dreaming in the back seat of a car signifies that you are restraining your feelings, allowing others to lead you because you are lack of confidence. This dream may also involve losing a job, a broken relationship, a pitiful situation …

If you are driving a car and can not see the road ahead, this indicates that you do not know where you are in life and what you really want to do with yourself. You are lack of orientation and goals.

Dreaming of a car parking on the sidewalk shows that all of your efforts are in failure, your work and your life are gradually fading away.

If you dream of driving at night, this indicates that you are not sure where you are in your life. You are having trouble navigating your goals. Maybe you do not want to see what’s ahead or you’re afraid to confront certain issues. You may feel scared about the future.

Dreaming that you are being hot in the car, implies that you have spent too much energy or a danger threatening you.

Dreaming about calling a bus or taxi is a problem which you can not handle and need a genuine help.

Dreaming about driving in an accident is a harbinger of fear, you need to focus and be more confident.

If in your dream you find yourself driving blocked, then it symbolizes your sense of lack of something in life. You are overlooking some problems in your life. In addition, dreams like these show dangers or problems that you do not understand.

If in your dream you are driving a taxi or a bus, this indicates that your current job will not have much growth opportunity, you should change the job.

In the dream that you are driving a car backwards, this indicates that you are facing a major obstacle in your goals. In particular, if you drive back into a lake, it means your emotions are not good and that deadlock.

In the dream that you are taking a driving test or driving test, this dream shows that your goals and aspirations are starting to warm up and take over. You can learn and know what you really want in life. If you fail your driving test in a dream, then it shows that you do not have the tools necessary to achieve your purpose. You may be lack of confidence. If you dream of passing the driving test, this shows the momentum and confidence in your ability.

                                                                                                         By: Anna Lee