Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and Ghostbusters Collide in Lego Dimensions Trailer


Lego Dimensions released last year with several characters from a range of different franchises coming together. Now, WB Games has released a new trailer demonstrating the possible combinations with three beloved doctors colliding with each other.

The trailer features The Doctor from Doctor Who, Doc Brown from Back to the Future, and Dr. Venkman from Ghostbusters all driving up to the same four-way stop. Being as polite as they are, none of them can figure out who should make their turn first. It all comes to a head when their patience grows thin, and for some reason decide to run head-on at full speed–you’d think doctors would be smart enough to, you know, not do that.

Ghostbusters aficionados can get a Peter Venkman minifigure, Proton Pack, Ecto-1, Ghost Trap, and a mission that has players fighting Gozer in New York City in the Ghostbusters Level Pack for $29.99. The Back to the Future Level Pack features a Marty McFly minifigure, the DeLorean Time Machine, a Hoverboard, and the Hill Valley Time Travel Adventure level for the same price. The Doc Brown Fun Pack comes separately at $14.99 with a Doc Brown minifigure and the Travelling Time Train.

Fans of the Whoniverse got a level in the Lego Dimensions Starter Pack, but they can also pick up The Doctor Who Level Pack as well. It comes with a 12th Doctor minifigure, the TARDIS, and K-9. Although it only comes with the 12th doctor as a physical figure, players can play as any of the previous doctors as well.

You can read GameSpot’s review of Lego Dimensions right here. We scored the game an 8, saying it’s not only a great game, but it’s also a great toy.