Diablo 2 References Abound With Heroes of the Storm's New Character


Blizzard this week revealed two new Heroes of the Storm characters. While both are from the Diablo universe, one–the Necromancer Xul–marks the first character from Diablo II to make an apperance. And Blizzard hasn’t wasted its opportunity to include some references to the game in the pre-match voice interactions characters have with each other.

Diablo 2 References Abound With Heroes of the Storm's New Character

Aside from the obvious appeal of getting to see, say, Diablo team up with StarCraft’s Kerrigan to take on Warcraft’s Arthas and Murky, much of the game’s charm comes from these voice lines. In the setup time before a match begins, characters exchange a short bit of dialogue. These include lines for both characters from different Blizzard franchises and those from the same series who have established relationships.

The studio has shared the new dialogue lines involving Xul with GameSpot, which you can read below. While all of Xul’s lines are obviously new, some of the responses aren’t. There are, however, several bits of dialogue that are exclusive to Xul and aren’t said to any other characters. We’ve separated the lines into two lists–one with lines that are unique, and one with those that are not.

Xul-Exclusive Dialogue:

Johanna Interactions:

  • Xul Intro: You’re from Sanctuary… Perhaps you know why my tome of town portal isn’t working.
  • Johanna Response: Let’s defeat our foe, and then we can worry about how to get home.

  • Johanna Intro: It’s been a long time since you were in the fight. Are you ready?
  • Xul Response: It’s only been a long time to you…

Li-Ming Interactions:

  • Xul Intro: Watch yourself, mage… Your kind has upset the Balance before.
  • Li-Ming Response: I’m a wizard, actually. You’re the one who seems a little unbalanced.

  • Wizard Intro: A necromancer… Do you know Mehtan?
  • Xul Response: You know my apprentice? That’s certainly odd.

Non-Xul-Exclusive Dialogue:

Tyrael Interactions:

  • Xul Intro: Archangel Tyrael, it is good to see you continue to fight for the Balance.
  • Tyrael Response: I am glad to see you as well, friend.

  • Tyrael Intro: Well met, friend!
  • Xul Response: Tyrael… I’m glad to see you survived the Worldstone’s destruction.

Diablo III Hero Interactions:

  • Xul Intro: So you’re the next generation. Think you can keep up with an old man?
  • Sonya Response: Come, we will conquer this lot together.
  • Valla Response: Come, let’s join the hunt.
  • Nazeebo Response: Let us go where the spirits will!
  • Kharazim Response: This realm has need of warriors like us.

  • Sonya Intro: Well met, friend.
  • Valla Intro: Hail, friend.
  • Nazeebo Intro: Greetings, friend!
  • Kharazim Intro: The gods favor me with your presence.
  • Xul Response: Hmm… Nephalem… So the legends are true. This should be interesting.

Diablo Interactions:

  • Xul Intro: Do you think you can put aside our differences for this fight Diablo?
  • Diablo Response: I would destroy you if I could.

  • Diablo Intro: I would destroy you if I could.
  • Xul Response: I know… too bad you can’t. Or have you forgotten the last time?

Butcher Interactions:

  • Xul Intro: A butcher. Glad you’re on our side.
  • Butcher Response: <Growl>

There isn’t yet a release date for when Xul or Li-Ming (Diablo III’s Wizard) will be released, but they are expected to be coming soon. We also know a number of new skins and mounts are on the way in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out our interview with director Dustin Browder about the new characters.