Decode the dream of seeing children – Dreaming about giving birth


Dreaming about giving birth to a baby. When you dream of a baby laughing, crying, starving, or dream of having a baby, what do these dreams mean?

Dream of babies

When you sleep and see a baby in your dream, it shows you have a warm, innocent, thoughtful thought and it omens good luck, a happy life and a new beginning will come to you. Children symbolize purity, joy, happiness and honesty

If you dream of seeing a newborn baby in your dreams, this represents a new project that you are planning. This dream signals that your job will be very successful.

Dream of a baby laughing

If you dream that your baby is smiling at you, it indicates that you are or will be receiving pure joy. You do not demand much happiness in reality, but great happiness will come to you. If you find a baby in your dreams, then it shows that you have conceded implicit in you.

Dream baby birth

If the dream that you are on the way to the hospital to give birth, it means that you lack of independence in your life and the desire to depend and get care from others. Perhaps you are trying to shirk out some of the responsibilities in life. If you are pregnant in real life, the dream is simply you are having some anxiety about bringing it to the hospital when the baby is due.

Dreams of losing your baby

If in your dream of forgetting or losing a baby, this dream shows that you are trying to hide the pain inside you, you do not want to let others know your weaknesses. In addition, the dream represents an aspect of yourself that you have forgotten or ignored because of the changing circumstances of life. Dream as a reminder that you should take care of your age and interests or plan for missed projects again.

Dream children crying

Dreaming about a crying baby is a sign of illness and disappointment, signaling that you need to pay attention and take care of your health. In addition, it also shows that you have not met the goals set in your real life.

Dream children are starving

The dream of a hungry baby demonstrates your dependence on others. You are in trouble and insufficient in real life.

Dream of baby dying

Dream of a baby dying is a sign of insecurity, something or someone important in your life will disappear. If in the dream you are trying to save a dead baby, this dream means you are refusing to move on to a new stage of life. You are holding a dead past.

The dream that you are bathing a child in a water bowl and then carrying it up denotes a retreat. You are deciding to step backwards to not be held responsible for a particular problem. See if you give birth in a pool or water

If you dream of having a baby in a pool or lake, the dream represents that you are looking for your own comfort.