DarkMaus is Dark Souls starring a mouse


DarkMaus is Dark Souls starring a mouse

DarkMaus is a great name for a game that is basically Dark Souls, but starring a mouse. DarkMaus is out now on Steam, and features bonfires, medieval combat, and even an interface highly reminiscent of From Software’s game.

The major difference, of course, is that you are a mouse. And your enemies are other mice, along with spiders, crows, and other creatures mice probably encounter in their daily lives. There’s also this mechanic, which sounds interesting:

“Each time you die, an ally ghost is summoned that retraces your steps, fighting by your side. With time you can collect multiple ally ghosts and choose their weapons for extra strategy opportunities.” DarkMaus, meet DeadMaus. Somewhere, DeadMau5’s giant ears are burning.

The reception on Steam seems positive for this one, and I must say I’m intrigued despite hoping there are few more colours hidden in it somewhere. If you like Dark Souls, and you are not currently playing Dark Souls, it might be worth a look.