A crystal a day brings good feeling


A Crystal a Day Brings Good Vibes To Stay

My phone feels like a sixth limb, so you think I’ll embrace the wearable technology, right? Wrong. Actually, that idea made me feel over the head of a slight anxiety attack.

But while the idea of ​​attaching a piece of technology to my body made me groan, I was in love with bargaining chips, or crystals. I never left home without a pearl (how could I) my classic diamond ring, and a piece of Opal made by my favorite designer, Communion By Joy?

You see, while the quartz crystals in your computer (you know, silicones) help you dig in your data – how many calories do you burn, how do you sleep, what steps do you do? Gorgeous amethyst pendant Helps you type in your inner knowing. Opal I cherish? It is said to inspire love, hope, innocence, and happiness. How can I leave home without it?

And while I admire the crystal jewelery can get a little brittle, there are some great designers who have crafted luxury pieces as soul masters. Here, some of my favorites provide gorgeous fashion right next to the vibrancy vigorously.

Joy’s communion
Joy Smith described his work as “the sacred art of modern mysticism,” Joy Smith based on L.A. Based on the mysteries of life “beyond the veil”. There is also a clutch: her pieces are of ethical origin and are made from recycled gold.

To-die-for rings by Communion By Joy

Pound Jewelry
So many women in my Numinous crew  are proud owners of the signature pendulum crystal pendant from Pound, which doubles as a divination tool. Also amazing: their cluster crystal pendants. These have so much energy that they can be used to cleanse other stones simply by leaving a stone that needs clearing on the cluster overnight.

Gorgeous Pound pendants

Jill Urwin
She is the founder of London’s She’s Lost Controls fashion and event store, with a background in fashion buying, a combination of charm, modernity and mystery. . Her favorite stone to work on is Herkimer Diamond – known for its natural symmetry.

A Jill Urwin crystal pendant

Rock n Raw
While the British brand is famous for its striking and sophisticated “Ultimate Guardian” pendant, I personally admire the signature head-chen (top image, perfect for Burning Man!). Delicate and ultra-high end, the pink tourmaline “brave light” pendant is quite close to my wish list.

The Rock n Raw “Floating Guardian” pendant

Alexandra Derby
With different rocks for each moon phase, Derby’s unique collection is a beautiful and powerful way to connect with different phases of the lunar cycle. She also has a pendant with each small stone corresponding to each sign of the zodiac.

An Alexandra Derby black moon earring

Melinda Lee Holm
I love Melinda’s “Prescription Adornments” – in which she creates a custom work based on a magic read! The process of dividing into two parts is divided into “Collecting Wisdom” and “Selecting aesthetics”, making individual pieces personalized to tap into your inner strength.

A Melinda Lee Holm necklace

                                                                                                       By: Anna Lee