Capcom Revenues Increase, Monster Hunter X Has Been "Major Hit"


Capcom has revealed its financial results for the nine-month period spanning April 1 to December 31, 2015. The Japanese publisher of Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, and Resident Evil games reported a net revenue of ¥5.7 billion, which represents a 19.3 percent increase over the same period in 2014, when it reported ¥4.78 billion.

According to Capcom, the continued growth in the mobile game audience was supplemented by an overall increase in audience. This growth was due to its efforts to cater to more diverse customer tastes and by “attracting women, families and senior players through new customer development.”

The company also noted that it has focused on streamlining the development process so costs are reduced and the length of time a game is in development is also shortened.

Digital download sales were described as “profitable.” Monster Hunter X, which launched in Japan in November 2015, was said to be “a major hit” and reached sales of 3.2 million units, which exceeded its forecast of 2.5 million units.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Resident Evil Revelations 2 continued to sell in Japan, North America, and Europe, with both titles exceeding 500,000 units respectively.

Monster Hunter Online, which launched in December in China and is operated by Tencent, was noted as getting “off to a good start, thus increasing the possibility of even greater business development going forward.”

Dragon’s Dogma Online’s performance was said to have been “strong” across PS4, PS3, and PC. It “got off to a solid start” with downloads exceeding 1.5 million. Capcom has marked it as becoming the company’s “next core title following Monster Hunter Frontier.”

Monster Hunter Explore for Android and iOS, meanwhile, surpassed 3 million downloads.

Capcom’s amusement equipments business improved, with sales of Resident Evil 6 machines “strongly increased,” but Asura’s Wrath sales remaining weak.

Looking forward, Capcom has forecasted sales of Street Fighter V as 2 million units across Japan, North America, and Europe. The fighting game is its next major release and is set to launch on PlayStation 4 and Steam on February 16.