Battleborn's New Characters Use Big Guns and Fan Blades


Two new characters have been revealed for Gearbox Software’s first-person shooter Battleborn. Ghalt and Deande feature vastly different play styles, offering distinct ways to deal damage and control crowds.

Ghalt dual-wields revolver shotguns which boast eight-shot magazines. He’s equipped with a hook that can pull enemies closer and into his shotgun’s firing range. He also uses deployable traps that can stun his enemies. You can see a video highlighting his abilities above.

Seen in the video below, Deande utilizes fan blade knives for melee and ranged attacks. She can also use a hologram-AI decoy to disappear from sight. It then explodes after eight seconds or her death. Burst dashing knocks back enemies and weakens them, while her ultimate ability stuns up to five enemies while also dealing lots of damage.

2K stated in a press release that both Ghalt and Deande are “integral to the plot of Battleborn’s Story Mode.” Ghalt is the leader of the Battleborn, while Deande had been working from the shadows to sabotage the enemy before joining Ghalt’s team of heroes. Players can experience the story alone, in co-op with up to five players, or in local splitscreen multiplayer.

Battleborn is set to release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on May 3.